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Satellite Tracking

Plaspy is a web based GPS tracking platform, you can track vehicles, people, pets, assets, etc.
You can access to Plaspy from any modern browser, cellphone, tablet, etc. Demo

All your devices in one place.

With Plaspy you can manage all your devices, does not matter the brand and model.
Plaspy is compatible with a wide list of devices and also cell phones, you can access by web page, mobile page or mobile App.

Plaspy in Cell Phones

Plaspy is compatible with many cell phones and tablets, like Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone. you can locate your cell phone no matter the brand.
also if you only want look at devices in your Plaspy account, you can download the mobile App from store.

Plaspy in Business

With Plaspy you can manage business assets, optimize the process when you know the times and locations in real time.
You can monitor the workers activities, vehicles, packages, etc. with the right device for each activity, a cell phone or a tracker.

Plaspy in family

With Plaspy you can track your vehicle in real time, (Trucks, automobiles, motorcycles, etc.)
The tracker in your vehicle can send all information about itself, location, history, sensors, speed, temperature, fuel, etc.

Plaspy Personal

With Plaspy you can locate any member of family.
You can locate everyone by the cell phone or a tracker designed for children, seniors or pets.

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