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Aplicom - A1 TRAX

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Aplicom A1 TRAX is an easy to use, yet versatile, unit for fleet and asset tracking and security applications. It is equipped with software functionality for precise GPS/GLONASS tracking, mileage reporting, power management, driver behaviour and data communications. The numerous interfaces make it possible to enhance, update or change the end-customer application also in the future.

Key features:

  • Versatile connections and interfaces.
  • Extensive memory capacity for smooth operation and to expand features.
  • Highly reliable two-processor architecture.
  • GPS/GLONASS positioning supported with A-GPS, Cell ID positioning.
  • GSM and GPS/GLONASS antennas.
  • Hands free kit option.
  • Battery option (internal).
  • 3D Accelerometer based acceleration measurement, movement detection and wake-up.
  • Unit features are expandable due to many available SW options; these can even be updated later by the Aplicom OTA update service.
  • Java programmable (SDK option).
  • Geofence support with different shapes for geofence definition (circle, box, polygon) and geofence in/out reporting.


This information only is for informational purposes only, Plaspy does not have relationship with the device's manufacturer, for more information check the manufacturer's website or user manual.

Use Plaspy with a tracker

  • Set the Operator APN
    Country Operator APN User Password
  • Check your tracker clock setup is set UTC-0 o GMT. (The most trackers come from the factory on UTC.)
  • For most devices you should use IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number as unique identifier. However, some devices have vendor specific unique identifier, for example TK-103 devices use 11-digit identifier.
  • Set Up the Plaspy's IP and port on your tracker: (Plaspy detects tracker's protocol.)
    Server IP Port 8888
  • Add a Plaspy Account on devices with the IMEI or unique ID.