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CalmAmp - LMU-1000

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CalAmp understands the complications of today's insurance and sub-prime lending markets and offers the CalAmp model LMU-1000 Economy Class Tracking Unit to provide ecomonical asset management. The unit can be fully customized to meet the specific requirements of any particular application.

GPS tracker technical characteristics:

  • Brand:CalAmp
  • Model:LMU-1000
  • Target Market:Track & Trace, Vehicle recovery
  • Voice:No
  • Back up Battery:Yes
  • Internal Memory:No
  • Sleep mode:Yes
  • Antennas:GPS internal, GSM internal
  • Casing:Plastic
  • Made in:USA


Configuración LMU-1000

Country Operator APN User Password

To set AcPewQ you need to configure as follows. With the following commands through several text messages, the ID is the MID 10 digits replied by lM4 command

  1. Set up our operator APN
  2. Set the username and password of APN operator
  3. Establish the server where we will connect
  4. Reset device

To check the settings plf

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