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Carscop - CCTR-810

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GSM module: SIMCOM 340D

GPS module: MTK

Real Time Internet Based Vehicle Tracking

Can record track without GSM network

Only work for the GSM network country

when the car stop over 2 minutes or the ACC turn off ,upload will stop

Can't work in the room or under ground park or other indoor place that has GSM signal

The service charge is SMS charge and GPRS charge

the longitude latitude and display the location of object on the map or satellite map

Upload IP address can be set by SMS

APN name can be set by SMS

Device serial ID can be check by SMS

History  display

Mileage Report

Low battery alarm

Monitor function

Calling  preset phone number

keep 3 months  history track on server

Tracking on demand

Tracking per time intervals

Storage when there is no coverage

It supports GPRS/SMS communication

Standard tracking in real time through: unit PIN, location, speed, time, direction, alarm status

Automatic time reports, or through commands

SOS function

SOS & alarm information can also send to platform

Large  amount of Tracker online tracking ( No number limited)

Geo Force function

Over speed alarm

Cut off engine by SMS  and platform

Cut off the oil by SMS and platform


Primary Competitive Advantages:


- High location accuracy, Low using charge and no service charge

- Visit our website can locate object, it is not necessary download map software

- Platform use free Google map, it is not necessary to pay any map charge

- Built in memory to record tracking when no GSM network and auto re-upload to platform

- Hearing voice in the car and talk to driver function.

Configuración CCTR-810

Country Operator APN User Password

To set Plaspy you need to configure as follows. With the following commands through several text messages: In the example it is assumed that the device password is 123456 which is the initial data from the device and the APN are to APN_OPERADOR

  1. Delete the current configuration
  2. Set the time zone UTC-0
  3. Set up our operator APN
  4. Set the username and password of APN operator
  5. Establish the server where we will connect
  6. Maintain online tracker

This information only is for informational purposes only, Plaspy does not have relationship with the device's manufacturer, for more information check the manufacturer's website or user manual.