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Castel - IDD-213E

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IDD-213E is an intelligent on-board diagnostic and all-in-one device compatible with passenger and commercial vehicles, it features plug-and-play technology, could read diagnostic info from vehicle ECU and capture location data, then send them to backend server for real-time remote diagnostic and tracking purpose.​


  • Support 3G network.
  • Industrial class components with high quality.
  • OBD II/EOBD, J1939 and J1708 compliant.
  • Plug&Play technology.
  • Comprehensive data collection and analysis, including diagnostic data, location data and driving behavior data.
  • Real-time tracking.
  • Read diagnostic data, including vehicle speed, RPM, ECT etc.
  • Read diagnostic trouble codes and freeze frame data.
  • Mileage statistic.
  • Fuel consumption statistic.
  • Driving behavior monitoring, including speeding, hard acceleration/deceleration, idle engine etc.
  • SMS alarm to user phone.
  • Connect backend server via domain or IP address​.


Fleet management and vehicle tracking, Car rental industry, Vehicle insurance, Driving school, Car service shop​.


Configuración IDD-213E

Country Operator APN User Password

The default secret key for SMS instructions is the last 6 ASCII characters of device ID, this secret key can only
modified by PC Tool.

  1. Set the APN settings and server IP
    NZIrq6Q6vnyTbP 3BBt8VrQ7I0ezVRi47rYcsNwhIQkaYd6R1LpU5NiT6cA1LG5pN

To check the settings
s1mDwKyOMzEH0j o3N7Jl

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