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Castel - MPIP-618W-YB

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MPIP-618W-YB vehicle travelling data recorder can do effective real-time tracking and monitoring the vehicle location, speed, alert and various state by uploading vehicle location, running speed, alert information (for example: speeding, fatigue driving, emergency alert) to real-time monitoring center via wireless telecommunication network.​


  • Real-time tracking.
  • Supported communication method: GPRS/SMS.
  • Traveling Record Function.
  • Driving behavior analysis.
  • Low voltage of terminal main power supply alert.
  • Abnormal fuel consumption alert.
  • Illegal vehicle ignition alert and illegal door opening alert.
  • Remote power or oil cut-off/supply and remote recording.
  • SOS alert and SMS alert.
  • Blind area store/resend.
  • Mileage statistics.
  • Local maintenance functions.
  • Overspeed alert.
  • Fatigue driving alert.
  • Multi-media and Information Capture.
  • Voice mornitoring and TTS.


Logistics Vehicles, Engineering Vehicles, Dangerous Goods Vehicles, Taxi Rental, Public Transportation Vehicle.​

 Dimension: 188mm*100mm*60mm * Weight: 620g                   
* Protective leverage: Aluminum alloy

* Operation voltage : 9-36 VDC                                                                                          

* Working temperature: -30℃ to 70℃

* Working Current: <10013.8V

* GPS Location Accuracy:<15m  

* GPS Speed Accuracy: 0.1m/s      

* GPS Frequency: 1575.42MHz     

* Storage Temperature: -40℃~ +85℃     
* Relative Humidity: 5% ~ 95%(No Frost)     

* Backup Battery: 3.7V /500 Li-ion battery

* GPS Acquisition Time: Cold Start<38s, Warm Start<25s, Hot Start<1s.


Configuración MPIP-618W-YB

Country Operator APN User Password

The default secret key for SMS instructions is the last 6 ASCII characters of device ID, this secret key can only
modified by PC Tool.

  1. Set the APN settings and server IP
    AHoj6F1GST1hIJ yp9q8AePRujVFTa0zSgDRrr7Ig0TZlNHQBBYo7HdNvz39lAhqb

To check the settings
eiAF1G8ChcJLzq gbEERC

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