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Castel - MPIP-619

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Product Overview

MPIP-619 hard wired gps tracker is mainly designed for motorcycle and vehicle management. The compact device with industrial IP54 dustproof and waterproof feature which support Quad-band frequency. The device connect with different accessories would support remote engine cut-off, real-time positioning, remote parameters setting function via SMS and GPRS.


  • Real-time location tracking.
  • Vehicle diagnostic analysis.
  • ​Mileage statistics.
  • Remote power interrupt.
  • SMS alert and configuration.
  • SOS and speeding alarm etc.
  • Geo-fence.
  • Data storage in zero signal zone and resent subsequently.
  • Easy installation, Plug-n-play (optional).
  • Compatible to OBD protocols of passenger car and commercial vehicle (optional).
  • Maintenance reminder, Fuel consumption statistics (optional).
  • Driver behavior analysis (optional)​.
*  Dimension: 75mm*48mm*20mm * Weight: 70g
* Protective leverage: IP54
* Shell Material: Plastic
* Operation voltage : 9-36 VDC
* Standby battery: 3.7V /850mAH Li-ion battery
* Max input voltage : 100V
* Max operation current :<250mA@13.8V
* Data TX/RX current : <150mA @13.8V
* Standby current : <90mA @13.8V
* Sleep current : <40mA @13.8V
* Operation temperature : -30℃ to 70℃
* Storage temperature : -40℃ to 85℃
* Relative humidity : 5% ~ 95%
* Positional accuracy :.<15m


Configuración MPIP-619

Country Operator APN User Password

The default secret key for SMS instructions is the last 6 ASCII characters of device ID, this secret key can only
modified by PC Tool.

  1. Set the APN settings and server IP
    dQPCZqOfccGjJZ N76vzA8tUseWk40xYjzYd31ZNGS6bfS6Pu14J3uRct5hhCGUoo

To check the settings
Ehuv6TGgissCSy ZiH0C6

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