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Castel - PT-690

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 is a portable pet gps tracker. Based on existing GSM /GPRS network and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS or internet. ​


  • GPS receiver with High sensitivity.
  • Cute and ultra-micro plastic shell.
  • Timing position.
  • Real-time positioning.
  • GPS&A-GPS dual position mode.
  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900.
  • Geo-fence alert.
  • Android&IOS APP.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Long standby time.
  • Low voltage alert.
Dimension: 75mm*34mm*7mm        Weight: 32g
      Shell Material: ABS+PC
       Battery: 3.7V-4.2V, 500mAh
      Max operation current: <200mA
       Data TX/RX current:<120mA
      Standby current:<5mA
      Charge current: 600mAh
      Charge duration: 2H
       Endurance time: ~72H(Ten minutes a spot)


Configuración PT-690

Country Operator APN User Password

The default secret key for SMS instructions is the last 6 ASCII characters of device ID, this secret key can only
modified by PC Tool.

  1. Set the APN settings and server IP
    FOhL36oJHXe8wJ YhzUXUAGslOEZJe36Eixum089rfKtMI7nfDUWGFxx8g66zgeoO

To check the settings
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