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GlobalSat - TR-151

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TR-151 is a durable and water resistant GPS/GSM/GPRS tracker. Users can install TR-151 on vehicles or assets for tracking. It can send out SMS with its location (longitude and latitude) to user’s cell phone by GSM network or to personal computer by internet connection of GPRS network. Then users can track the location of their vehicles or assets. TR-151 is designed to equip with high capacity of Li-ion battery for long operation time. There is one SOS button on the TR-151 for emergency help. It is very easy to install or hide TR-151 in the car to perform tracking. TR-151 is ideal application for vehicle tracking and equipment/assets monitoring.

ConfiguraciĆ³n TR-151

Country Operator APN User Password

To set uZRDKi you need to configure as follows. With the command below through text messages
Format used by uZRDKi G8APTQ36E3UEMWlbtcLH85

Type the IMEI number
  1. Setup the tracker

Reboot the device Lox9D0juR1Ud0x261QPmAt4Uy61n91jRSSIbYWLk

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