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Laipac - StarFinder LITE

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StarFinder LITE
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Starfinder Lite is a compact real time vehicle-tracking device that efficiently provides the time and position of mobile assets. It is based on GPS/GSM/GPRS technology and has a complete set of features that allows the customer to have information and reports about the speed, position, heading, millage, tow alert, speed alert, collision alert, panic button, Geo-Fence setting, remote control of vehicle engine, windows and locks, data logger built in and more. Starfinder Lite is ideal for any kind of private or company vehicles.

Starfinder Lite is equipped with a complete set of features that provides the customer with not only the location of the mobile assets, but also with reports, alerts, Geo-Fences, data logger, diagnostics of the vehicle in movement, main power supply status, remote power lock options and remote start-stop engine. Follow the quick steps in the Starfinder Lite manual for an easy installation and activation of the device. Starfinder Lite and its provided monitoring systems are very useful for companies and businesses applications such as for: Private Vehicle Monitoring, Fleet Management, Taxi Management, Ambulance Management, Construction Vehicles and Stationary Equipment Management, School Bus Monitoring, etc. It can also be very practical for end users that need a data logger for personal use. Starfinder Lite assures that all assets can be quickly located if they are not where they are supposed to be.


  • GSM/GPRS worldwide coverage.
  • GPS Receiver with EGNOS and WAAS.
  • 2 Digital Input, 3 Digital Output, 1 Analog Input.
  • Data Logger for more than 15,000 waypoints.
  • Speaker and Microphone Jacks.
  • Panic Button for emergency voice call.
  • Geofence Alerts.
  • Over Speed Alerts.
  • Main power disconnection alert.
  • G-Sensor alert.


  • Dimensions 9.7 x 5.9 x 2.6 cm.
  • Weight 900 g.
  • Supply voltage range: 8V - 36VDC.
  • 900mAh backup battery.
  • USB Port for configuration.
  • Harness cables with I/O & Switches.
  • Cellphone & GPS Antennas included.



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Use Plaspy with a tracker

  • Set the Operator APN
    Country Operator APN User Password
  • Check your tracker clock setup is set UTC-0 o GMT. (The most trackers come from the factory on UTC.)
  • For most devices you should use IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number as unique identifier. However, some devices have vendor specific unique identifier, for example TK-103 devices use 11-digit identifier.
  • Set Up the Plaspy's IP and port on your tracker: (Plaspy detects tracker's protocol.)
    Server IP Port 8888
  • Add a Plaspy Account on devices with the IMEI or unique ID.