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NP3 - ST 210

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ST 210
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Onboard equipment Galileo GPS

The main goal: full control over all parameters of the vehicle.

The main advantages:

• a high degree of reliability;

•  Individual quality control for each manufactured GPS -trekera;

•  Use reliable and time-tested components;

•  comprehensive testing in various climatic conditions;

•  Can be used on all types of transport.


Onboard equipment Galileo Lite (lightweight version of the basic version of the device Galileo GPS)

Special purpose:

•  Tracking the movement of the vehicle;

•  tracking of the character of the vehicle;

•  detection of drains and refills (only analog sensors).

   The information transmitted by the terminal:

•  coordinates of the vehicle: latitude, longitude, altitude;

•  speed and direction of the vehicle;

•  violations (speeding);

•  the level of vibration in the vehicle;

•  control of fuel consumption;

•  current time and date of Greenwich;

•  temperature inside the unit;

•  status of the inputs (buttons), analog sensors;

•  discrete output

Onboard equipment Galileo Glonass


•  Online monitoring (support continuous bond with the server), "Stealth-Mode"

(access to the communication on the schedule), off line monitoring (upload the saved file via USB).

•  Ability to connect 2 cameras

setting up and continuous shooting event.

•  Voice GSM-sided communication driver manager.

•  The "Answering machine" that allows you to automatically declare a stop routing traffic.

•  Alarms and remote Motor la.

•  CAN-interface (1939, FMS- standard), and built-in scanner, CAN-bus.

•  Customizable protocol data that allows to save traffic.

•  Remote software update of the device via  GSM-net.

•  Easy setup of the device RSR dstvom Configurator.

•  Perfect portrayal of a moving track Gosia vehicle even at a low level signal from the satellite.

•  Built-in non-volatile memory can store up to 14,000 points.

•  Determination of the impact and tilt transpor tnogo funds.

•  Two-level protection Overvoltage of

This information only is for informational purposes only, Plaspy does not have relationship with the device's manufacturer, for more information check the manufacturer's website or user manual.

Use Plaspy with a tracker

  • Set the Operator APN
    Country Operator APN User Password
  • Check your tracker clock setup is set UTC-0 o GMT. (The most trackers come from the factory on UTC.)
  • For most devices you should use IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number as unique identifier. However, some devices have vendor specific unique identifier, for example TK-103 devices use 11-digit identifier.
  • Set Up the Plaspy's IP and port on your tracker: (Plaspy detects tracker's protocol.)
    Server IP Port 8888
  • Add a Plaspy Account on devices with the IMEI or unique ID.