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Neomatica - ADM700 3G

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ADM700 3G
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Terminal ADM700 is designed to identify location, speed and motion direction of the vehicle by means of GLONASS/GPS system.

In addition, it records many other parameters: analog and digital inputs condition and signals from sensors (sensor readings).

All events and conditions recorded by the terminal are stored in non-volatile memory. The accumulated data is transmitted through GSM 850/900/1800/1900 cellular carrier network by means of GPRS packet data transmission technology to a dedicated server from where it can be obtained via the Internet for further analysis and processed at the operator's desk. 

The terminal can be used on all types of vehicles.


ADM700 3G advantages

  • High-sensitivity receiver ensures quick location identification in a harsh environment;
  • Dust- and waterproof housing, compliance with IP65 standard;
  • Shock-proof housing protected against mechanical damage, compliance with IK07 standard;
  • The terminal supports UMTS 3rd generation mobile networks (3G);
  • Compact housing with inbuilt GSM and GLONASS/GPS antennas;
  • Easy installation;
  • Anti-tamper sensor;
  • Possibility of choosing a navigation system (GLONASS, GPS, GLONASS+GPS);
  • No loss of location reference when stopping the vehicle;
  • Remote update of terminal's firmware via GPRS;
  • Wide range of supply voltage. Guaranteed operation at 8.5 to 40V, short-time operation at voltage up to 50V, and inbuilt protection against power surges over 600V;
  • Open and flexible protocol which is supported by most telematics servers;
  • EGTS protocol support;
  • Domain name support as a server address;
  • Terminal's and Sim card's password protection against an unauthorized operation;
  • Manufacturer's technical support;
  • One-year warranty.

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Use Plaspy with a tracker

  • Set the Operator APN
    Country Operator APN User Password
  • Check your tracker clock setup is set UTC-0 o GMT. (The most trackers come from the factory on UTC.)
  • For most devices you should use IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number as unique identifier. However, some devices have vendor specific unique identifier, for example TK-103 devices use 11-digit identifier.
  • Set Up the Plaspy's IP and port on your tracker: (Plaspy detects tracker's protocol.)
    Server IP Port 8888
  • Add a Plaspy Account on devices with the IMEI or unique ID.