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Noran - NR028

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  • 1. Real-time GPS satellite tracking by SMS/Internet
  • 2. LBS (location based service) tracking
  • 3. Listen in (voice monitoring)
  • 4. Two-way voice/text message communication
  • 5. Over-speed Alarm
  • 6. Geo-fence Alarm
  • 7. Built-in backup battery, Power cut off Alarm
  • 8. SOS emergency Alarm
  • 9. Remote cut off engine
  • 10. Real time fuel monitoring
  • 11. Digital camera, take photos
  • 12. 3 I/O ports for vehicle status detection (Door/Bonnet/Trunk Open or Closed, Air conditioner ON/OFF…)
  • 13. 34-byte of each position only, saving GPRS flow
  • 14. 24/7 client tracking software access
  • 15. 4.3/7 inch Touch Panel TFF Screen, GPS navigation
  • 16. Support universal navigation maps, such as IGO8/Route66/Tomtom, etc.
  • 17. Windows CE 6.0 OS, CPU: Sirf Atlas 600Mhz, 4GB memory
  • 18. Display dispatching text messages from the control center
  • 19. Phone call, remote parameter setting, such as GPRS, IP, APN…
  • 20. External Fuel Sensor, two fuel sensors at most (optional)
  • 21. Fuel Anti-theft Alarm (optional)
  • 22. External/Internal Temperature Sensor (optional)
  • 23. Low/high temperature Alarm (optional)
  • 24. Internal flash memory for logging, can store 5days data (optional)


Gift package/compressed package with GPS Tracker (NR028), SOS button, Microphone, camera, navigator, connection cable, GPS antenna, GSM antenna, relay and English User manual

Many business benefits include:

  • ·1. Locate and monitor the fleet in real time
  • ·2. Manage and dispatch the jobs
  • ·3. Communicate with its teams in the fieldn
  • ·4. Being alerted to emergencies and ensuring security for their working teams.
  • ·5. Analyse and optimise productivity.

Configuración NR028

Country Operator APN User Password

To set 8wZP1r you need to configure as follows. With the following commands through several text messages: In the example it is assumed that the device password is i4qikH which is the initial data from the device
you can get the device Id, sending the command to check the device status, the device Id is the first word normally starts with NR

  1. Set up our operator APN
  2. Establish the server where we will connect
  3. Switch to GPRS mode

To check settings urOvnYMrR93
Device Id, APN, server, port, GPRS status (1), GPRS connection status (1), GSM signal (1-31)

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