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Sanav - GS-819

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GS-819 is specially designed for vehicle tracking applications, equipped with Cinterion® EHS6 3G module and SiRF Star IV GPS Receiver. The rugged metallic structure is a best match for in-car environments. Opened I/Os are provided for sensors and relays.

  • High GPS and 3G sensitivity.
  • Send position via 3G / GPRS / SMS.
  • ACC ON/OFF Detection.
  • 4 Output, 2 Analog Input, and 4 Digital Input available.
  • Configurable via COTA, SMS command, and PC software.
  • Programmable auto report based on Time or Distance.
  • Embedded Motion Sensor and Flash Memory.


GPS Module
Receiver Sirf Star IV GPS Receiver
Datum WGS-84
Sensitivity -159dB
Reacquisition <0.1s
Update Rate 1 Hz
Accuracy Average accuracy within 15 meters
GSM Transceivers
GSM Module EHS6
Antenna External GSM antenna (SMA Connector); 
External GPS antenna (RSMA Connector)
External Power Supply 8-35V DC
Current Consumption Operation : 33~8106mA @ 12V DC
Standby : 14~28mA @ 12V DC
Dimension 105(L) x 100(W) x 30(H) mm
I/O 1 x ACC Detection
3 x Output (Max. operating current 300mA, @VIN)
1 x Output (1-Wire, @V3.3)
2 x Analog Input (0~40 V DC, Function reserved)
4 x Digital Input (1 High Inputs 3~40V, 3 Low Inputs 0~0.6V)
Interface RS-232 ( Support Garmin FMI , Bar Code Reader , RFID Reader )


Configuración GS-819

Country Operator APN User Password

To set Z3u6YW you need to configure as follows. With the following commands through several text messages: In the example it is assumed that the default ID is “username” and device password is 0000 which is the initial data from the device

  1. Factory reset
  2. Set up our operator APN
  3. Establish the server where we will connect
  4. Set up Route for Data Transmission
  5. Set Time interval to 60 seconds

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