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SkyPatrol - TT 8750+

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TT 8750+
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Low Power Consumption, Motion Sensor and Splash Proof housing coupled with Skypatrol’s EDDIE + Protocol make the TT8750 Plus the most powerful and dynamic solution for almost any tracking application.

Product Features

  • Quad Band Modem: Works anywhere there is cellular service
  • Ultra Sensitive GPS engine (-162dBI) with powerful embedded antenna array (SMA connector for optional external GPS antenna when required for complex installations)
  • 2 Digital Inputs (plus ignition), 1 Analog Input, 3 Digital Outputs
  • 9 – 32 V Operating Voltage supports installation in multiple vehicle types
  • Motion Sensor & Backup Battery supports multiple configurations
  • Small, high quality & splash proof housing is designed to last.
  • Low Power Consumption


Configuración TT 8750+

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