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SkyPatrol - TT8850

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The TT8850 is the perfect Live GPS tracking device for compact, covert applications that require 1-2 weeks of battery life. Boasting IPX5 water resistance and an integrated SOS button, this is your first choice in battery powered personnel or covert tracking hardware.

Product Features

  • Water Resistant
  • Built in 3D Motion Sensor
  • Quad Band GSM/GPRS
  • Low Power Consumption, Standby up to 25 Days
  • 10-12 days Continuous Tracking on One Battery Charge
  • Optimized Binary Protocol, Minimizing Data Transfer Costs.
  • Covert Color plus Panic Button
  • 100% Portable with Optional Snap-on Magnetic Mounting Accessory
  • FOTA & OTA Capability

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