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Suntech - ST 340LC

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ST 340LC
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he ST340LC is a compact device, approves water, designed to meet the needs of multiple vertical markets that require low solution cost and high performance.
This unit integrates all functionalities of ST340, and is ideal for installation on motorcycles, vehicles, insurance, buy - here - pay here. This device low battery consumption to optimize the costs of implementation and operation.


ConfiguraciĆ³n ST 340LC

Country Operator APN User Password

To set 2SW8JP you need to configure as follows. With the following commands through several text messages: In the example it is assumed that GksNwLVQJ is the last 9 numbers of IMEI excluding the last number.
for example, if the IMEI is ENiD0svwoXyE8wL the device Id is Xt4IWvXUN

Type the IMEI Number Your 2SW8JP device ID is HvpWjhNGVcAdnN6J5X716xiw
  1. Reset the factory settings
    TjNgFq4n5SFejnPqdl04tHv U JwxEIlpvWx82G5XtiQGSr6zoIvnxzjPLy3XT30fTnU
  2. Set up our operator APN and server
    HMVpFWB6LZ9wll74ugPIXRG F Fu65IYsNJtzaZtgcsDNJZWKdBQvtlBE0GPjVaGyxqwm1vhfA9xaTE6qtkc31m9mIo9UJJLBlPadmtSrevvtykuvJ
  3. Set interval to 60 seconds
    j0v7M6KrJeNwNV1yvyEocDA R uZG1Pyh4NKjTaEZTPwdOF5QZ45CvqHrg0dMw0TbV7TiDvhYrZuYqkvMzI

To check settings q7UvvNGcDd61md5VHRwWNnW h UW5sB6EQXoJWHkLFcksDb0wRcUcdac4CkwaZRYbHYpd8

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