Locate and manage all your devices in one place.

You can create users to provide continued access to third parties, assigning privileges on their own devices, to enter top menu through Gears, Users .

The user can be an email address or a username, the user only has access to assigned devices group in read mode, if the edit option is checked, the user can edit the devices assigned to the group, for example device name, alerts, etc. You can not add more devices or remove them only edit them.

User Type

The Information section you can storage info like phone contact number, address, etc.
Disable account: enable this option to disable the user access to the account, optionally you can type a message when the user tries to log in, the message is shown to the user.
Expires: checking this option you can set an active date interval, selecting the date range the user cannot log in before or after the date range.

Created users can change their own password and account administrator can also restore it.